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What is the current status of your project?

It is a new project to be created from scratch
I have some bugs in an existing project that I would like fixed
I would like new features/a re-design of an existing project
I have a lot of ongoing project work and require an ongoing partner

What technologies you need from developer(s)
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Design work

What is the nature of the project?

A brochure/business card site
A site that allows you to edit the content with many pages
An E-commerce site
Something scalable like a youtube, google or facebook type competitor

What type of post-project support would you like us to provide?

I would like to do be able to make changes myself
I need long-term support from you
I need dedicated developer(s) to provide me post-project support
Iím not sure

What budget do you intend to allocate to the project(s)?

Your prefered currency:
Below $ 1000
From $ 1000 to $ 5000
$ 10K+
It's not a project, I'm looking for a long term relationship

When would you like the project to be live?

This month (ASAP)
2-3 months
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